Free Xbox Live Redeem Codes 2022, Free Game Pass Code For Xbox, How To Get Free Xbox Membership Code.

Microsoft's Xbox is a gaming application. The Xbox Series includes the Xbox Console, the Xbox Games, and the Xbox Lives components. To access the Xbox console, you'll need an Xbox Live membership.

The cost of an Xbox Live membership subscription is rather high. That's why people are unable to pay for a subscription. You may, however, get an Xbox game pass membership for free using an Xbox Live Redeem Code. We've put up a few helpful hints on how to obtain free Xbox Live Promo Codes in order to get a free Xbox Game Pass.

There are many individuals around us who are enthusiastic gamers and interested in gaming, and many of them will be fantasizing about Free Xbox Redeem Codes. Here, in this article, we'll give you all the information you need about Free Xbox Live Redeem Codes.

What Are Free Xbox Live Redeem Codes Codes?

This is a downloadable software program developed by Microsoft for gaming on Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One video game consoles. Users may download complete games, trailers, and demos using this service. The game can also be played online by other players.

This is a subscription-based service that offers month, three month, and one-year subscriptions. There are two levels:

  • Level 1: Encourages you to share your gaming profile as well as chat with your friends and download items from the Xbox Live marketplace. It also allows you to utilize a variety of applications, such as ESPN, Netflix, and others.
  • Level 2: Allows you to play games online.

Being a serious gamer, you'll undoubtedly be yearning for free Xbox Live Codes. Players will always be looking on the internet in order to obtain them. As we all know, today's websites are not always accurate.

Some websites give you free Xbox live codes for a test, but they're simply bogus. So be cautious while looking for Free Xbox Live Codes.

Let's take a look at some of the strategies for obtaining free Xbox Live Codes.

Top 6 Best Methods To Get Free Xbox Live Redeem Codes

We've covered a few real methods for obtaining an Xbox Live redeem code to use on your Xbox Game Pass account. Follow these six most effective strategies to obtain free redeem codes.

Method 1: Best Apps To Get Free Xbox Live Codes

  • Prizerebel: You may generate money online by using this software, not just with free Xbox Gold Codes. You must first create an account using your email address and a password. You may take surveys to earn points that you can use to obtain free Xbox Live Codes through the site.
  • XBL Reward: This is the most popular method to earn points. Simply complete surveys and install particular programs, and you'll be able to earn points simply by doing so. Create an account, add your email address, and convert your points into Xbox Live Gold Codes using this app.
  • Grab Points: It's a wonderful tool. Simply sign up with your email, name, and password to begin searching for the app's sponsored activities.
  • PointsPrizes: You can get a lot of points by simply viewing the advertisements and learning about their services. As a result, obtaining Free Xbox Live Codes is a simple process.

Method 2: Go For The Xbox Live Gold Trial Program

This is the greatest and lawful method for gamers to obtain free Xbox live codes, as well as other functions. But in order to gain access to these features, you'll need an Xbox Live account, which can only be done by purchasing the Gold Account.

You'll need to enter your card details carefully when you get to the subscription page, which is where you'll find a one-month free sample. That concludes your procedure. Before your trial period expires, don't forget to cancel the membership.

Do You Want To Increase Your Trial Period?

Yes! We may extend trial periods. How? So, here we go. You have only one opportunity to take advantage of the Xbox Live Gold Trial with your account. Let me inform you that Microsoft allows you to assist with three trials. This implies you can use three separate accounts to try out different strategies.

After your 14-day free trial, you may use another account and try it again. You may get up to three trials this way. The key is to keep in mind that each account has its own set of card information. You can now enjoy the membership for 42 days as a result of this method.

Method 3: Activating Xbox Live Gold Trial On Existing Accounts

If you already have an Xbox for a lengthy time and have not used an Xbox Live Gold membership, then you are incredibly fortunate. You may simply obtain a free gold trail on your present account without having to create a new one. However, if you've previously utilized the service, then you are out of luck.

Method 4: Take Part In Microsoft Rewards

It's simple to obtain more codes this way. After signing up for free using your Microsoft account, you'll have many options for earning Xbox Live Redeem Codes points.

Method 5: Go For The Bing

Everyone uses Google to look for just about anything. Try Bing if you want some free live codes. Whenever you use Bing as your main source of information, Microsoft gives you a number of benefits because it is owned by the corporation.

Use Bing as a search engine to earn free Xbox Live Codes by performing several searches and collecting points.

Method 6: Try Various Websites

We all know that not every website is legitimate, but there are some websites that provide accurate information. One of them is Swagbucks. It's a well-known source for gift cards from various vendors such as Walmart and Amazon. You only have to do a few surveys in order to qualify.

Xbox Free Game Pass Code June 2022

The Xbox Redeem Code is used to sign up for an Xbox Game Pass membership. Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay offer this Game Pass code. This code may also be found on Walmart's in-store bill. Because this code was only created for promotional purposes, you can't receive a free game passcode.

  • You may use your existing Microsoft Account to log in.
  • When you've completed signing in, the code box will display.
  • Then, using your redeem code and clicking the Redeem button,
  • As soon as your code is verified, your points will be redeemed and the prize will be credited to your account.


1. Is Xbox Live Gold Going Away?

There are no indications on the company's website to terminate Xbox Live Gold anytime soon. Because it is presently the most essential component of gaming on Xbox and will remain so in the future, there are no intentions to do so.

2. What is Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass is a premium membership for Microsoft's Xbox video game consoles. Users may use the Game Pass to play Xbox games on their console.

3. What Xbox Live Game Pass Redeem Code?

Online or offline shops may sell you a Game Pass Code, which is used to subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold Membership. You can't get a free Game Pass Code; instead, you must purchase this code from an online or physical store.


Xbox Live is a paid-subscription video game platform for the Xbox. For $9.99 per month, you may get an Xbox Live Gold membership. This offer isn't as good as the Ultimate version of Game Pass. A redeem code for Xbox Live Gold is required to obtain a free subscription. We've listed all the ways to acquire redemptions codes, if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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